Pre-Arrival Information

Please note that this page is only for J-1 Scholars and J-1 Visiting Students who are coming to Northeastern as visiting researchers. This information is not intended for J-1 Visiting Students who are coming to Northeastern as part of an exchange program and will be enrolled in classes. Please click here if you are coming in as part of an exchange program!

Information for Prospective J-1 Scholars

Learn about the eligibility requirements, requesting the initial DS-2019, the application process, or transferring to Northeastern from another institution.

Financial Requirements

Learn about acceptable forms of financial documentation and what information it needs to include. 

Visa Process

Learn about what documents you will need from OGS in order to schedule your visa appointment at the U.S. Consulate. 


Upon arriving in the U.S., you will have to notify OGS of your arrival and attend orientation.  

Maintaining Status Information

Information for New J-1 Scholars

Learn about eligibility requirements and the DS-2019 application process.  

Guidelines for Maintaining Status

Learn about what changes need to be reported to OGS and what activities require additional authorization. 

Health Insurance Requirements

The federal government mandates specific health insurance requirements for J-1 Exchange Visitors. Visit this page to learn about the requirements and additional resources for acquiring health insurance while in the U.S. 

How to Submit E-Forms

All requests to OGS are submitted through the myOGS portal. Visit this page for more information on getting access to the portal and where to find your e-forms.  

Completing Your J-1 Scholar Program

Learn about what actions are required upon completion of your J-1 program at Northeastern.  

12 and 24-Month Bars for J-1 Scholars

Learn about potential bars on repeat participation if you have previously been in the U.S. as a J-1 Exchange Visitor or plan on returning as a J-1 Exchange Visitor in the future 

212(e) Two-Year Home Residency Requirement

Learn about whether you are subject to the 212(e) and what this may mean for changes of status and future employment in the U.S.