Dear Northeastern Students and Alumni,

Beginning in mid-October, OGS will deactivate its general office email addresses and implement a newly designed inquiry form in our self-service portal. 

What does this mean? 

  • Instead of sending inquiries to [email protected], questions should be submitted through a new inquiry form that will be available through our self-service portal. The self-service portal aims to provide resources to students that will assist with answering frequently asked questions. If your question can’t be answered utilizing resources in the portal, you will be able to submit the inquiry form for review by the OGS team. This shift in communication method will allow students to receive answers to their questions as quickly as possible.  
Which emails will be de-activated?  The following emails will remain the active for the following populations:  How will I access this form? 
  • The form will be accessed through the Northeastern service portal, similar to the service portal for ITS and the Registrar. A direct link to the portal will be available throughout the OGS website and embedded in e-forms.  
When will this change take place? 
  • We will launch the inquiry form in mid-October and will deactivate email shortly after. Once the email addresses are deactivated, they will not be monitored and any inquiry to these email addresses will not be received. 
  • Please continue to check your Northeastern email address frequently for updates from OGS. We will send another email to all students once the form is available for use and will include important dates to be aware of throughout this transition.  
Please note: This change will not impact other services provided by OGS, including the availability of support via OGS’ main phone line for U.S.-based students or via visit to the Boston office in 354 Richards Hall.