Co-op Work Permit

If work experience is included as part of your program curriculum, you need to apply for a co-op work permit. A co-op work permit allows students to work full-time during regular academic terms. You must have a co-op work permit and a Social Insurance Number before you start your co-op. You also need to meet the college co-op program criteria before you may start your co-op.

You may apply for a co-op work permit in two ways: 

  • With your initial Study Permit (recommended)  
    • You may upload your POA document as your School Letter” to the IRCC portal.  You may be given a Co-op permit at the border with your Study Permit. 
  • In Canada after you receive your Study Permit approval and have started your program. 
    • It is a free application, and you may contact the international student advisor to request a School Letter to support your application. Please allow time for processing. 
    • It is recommended to apply for a co-op work permit at least 3-4 months before your co-op term starts.

You may not start your co-op position without a valid co-op work permit. In Canada, you also need a Social Insurance Number to work. 

Co-op Requirements:

After you get your co-op permit, it is your responsibility to ensure that your co-op opportunity meets all the compliance requirements. The regulatory requirements are:

  • Full time (30+ hours/ week)
  • Must be registered in co-op course
  • Co-op duration must be approximately equal to the academic term duration



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