These instructions are for students who are recent graduates or graduating soon from a Northeastern Canadian campus, who are planning to invite their family members to attend their graduation ceremony.

Inviting Family Members to Attend Your Graduation Ceremony

Northeastern University does not issue invitation letters for family members to attend the graduation ceremony. The letter of invitation has to come directly from the graduate, see here for more information: Letter invitation – There are two documents you will need from Northeastern University to support the invitation if you are graduating soon: 


  • Your most recent transcript
  • A current enrolment verification letter 


You can request a transcript here: Transcript Requests – Office of the University Registrar at Northeastern University. 


You can request an enrolment letter by emailing [email protected] with the following subject line: 


  • “Confirmation of Enrolment Toronto DLI O141550844262” for Toronto campus students; 
  •  “Confirmation of Enrolment Vancouver DLI O142031583162” for Vancouver campus students. 


If you have already graduated and received your Letter of Completion and Final transcript, you can upload them instead. To help you with the application process, you can consult the IRCC official website How to apply for a visitor visa – 


Please use this link to assess what documents your parents/relatives need to prepare: Visitor visa: Supporting documents for visitor visa applicant –

Many of the documents are shown as an ”optional”, however it is better to provide as many supporting documents as possible to make the application stronger.  


For the proof of the event, you can either use the university official website on upcoming events to include the details (date, location & time of the event) or/and include proof of your registration confirmation in the supporting documents you are going to submit to IRCC.