The following processes apply to you if you have already started the program in Canada and wish to transfer between the two NU Canadian campuses or between Canada and US. For students who haven’t started the program yet, please see incoming students section below for further information.

Process for Transferring Between Canadian Campuses

1. Speak with your Academic Advisor

Different colleges may have different requirements and policies on campus transfer. Please speak with your current Academic Advisor to understand the requirement and policy of your college as well as make sure there will be courses available on your desired campus.

2. Request a Transfer

Please follow the instructions provided by your academic advisor to submit the request. More information and the Campus Transfer Request form can be found here.

3. Email OGS Canada

To ensure that you meet all the immigration expectations, send us an email: [email protected]. Please also attached the approved campus transfer form.

4. Notify IRCC of the DLI change

Both Northeastern University Toronto and Vancouver Campuses are Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) recognized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC). 

Northeastern University Toronto Campus’ DLI number is O141550844262 (begins with the letter “O”). 

Northeastern University Vancouver Campus’ DLI number is O142031583162 (begins with the letter “O”). 

If you hold a valid study permit that has been issued to you based on your acceptance to a DLI but you will be transferring to another DLI, including transferring between the two NU Canadian campuses, you need to follow the instructions on the IRCC website and change the DLI number associated with your study permit. 


5. Apply For a New Co-Op Work Permit

Since Co-op is an integral part of the education program, the co-op work permit is typically issued to allow students to participate in co-op program at a specific institution. Therefore, if you are transferring from another institution to a NU Canadian campus, you need to apply for a new co-op work permit to be able to do co-op at NU. This includes transferring between the two NU Canadian campuses. Your co-op work permit is not valid if it was issued for a different institution or different NU campus.

6. Register for Courses

Once your DLI number has been changed, you may work with your destination campus academic advisor to register in courses.


Process for Transferring from a US Campus to a Canadian Campus

1. Speak with your Academic Advisor

First, you will need to reach out to your current college/academic advisor to understand the requirements of the campus transfer and confirm course availability at the destination campus and seek academic approval.

2. Reach out to OGS Canada

Once you confirm that your campus transfer can be supported, reach out to the OGS Canada team to understand the process for applying for a study permit to study in Canada and eligibility for PGWP. Email OGS Canada: [email protected] 

3. Submit Campus Transfer Request

Work with your current Academic Advisor to submit the Campus Transfer Request. Click here to access the Campus Transfer Request Form.

4. Email Campus Transfer Form to OGS Canada

Once your campus transfer request is approved by your college, please email the Campus Transfer form signed by your academic advisor/program manager to [email protected]. Please ensure you use your NU Student Email and you include your Full Name, NUID, your Program of Study, and the Address you will use for your study permit from in your email.

5. Receive the POA letter and Apply for your Study Permit

OGS Canada will verify your campus transfer request with your college and issue you the Proof of Acceptance Letter via email. This process may take 3-5 business days. You will use this letter to apply for your Canadian Study Permit and Visa. See more information about applying for a study permit here.

6. Register for Courses

Once your Study Permit has been approved, reach out to your academic advisor for information on course registration and next steps.

7. Arrive in Canada

Once you have successfully arrived in Canada and started your program, reach out to the OGS U.S. team to confirm that you have officially started your studies in Canada. You can reach out to the OGS U.S. Team by submitting the OGS Inquiry Form.

Process for Transferring from a Canadian Campus to a US Campus

Details to come!

Incoming Students

For students who have been admitted to Northeastern University but haven’t started the program yet, if you wish to change the admitted campus, you would need to connect with the admissions team of your college for further assistance. Please see below for the contact information of the admissions teams:

Khoury Programs: [email protected]

CPS Programs: Visit your student portal and click on Manage Your Application

College of Engineering: [email protected]

College of Science: [email protected]

College of Arts, Media and Design (CAMD):