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STEM Validation (6, 12, 18 and 24 months) »

This form is to submit the 6-month validations during your STEM OPT.

I-983 Updates and Self-Evaluations »

This form is to update your I-983 Training Plan while STEM OPT.

STEM OPT Issue Reporting Form »

This form is to update your work status while STEM OPT.

Reporting Requirements

  • If you move, you must update your residential address within 10 days with OGS or on the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) Portal
  • If you change employers while on STEM, you must update your employer name and address within 10 days
    • NOTE: If you change employers, you and your new employer will need to complete a new I-983 and submit it to OGS. (You also must submit the “Final Evaluation on Student Progress” section of the I-983 for your previous STEM employer)
  • You and your employer(s) must report any I-983 Updates to OGS; updates are required for the following:
    • Any change in your Employer Identification Number
    • Any reduction in your compensation that is not tied to a reduction in hours worked
    • Any significant decrease in your work hours per week
    • Loss of employment (within 5 business days of termination of employment)
  • The following updates are mandatory to report for all students while on STEM:
    1. 6 month validation – You are required to confirm to OGS every 6 months the validity of the following information (regardless if there is a change or not): legal name, residential address, employer name and address, status of current employment
      • 6 month validations are due 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months after the start of the STEM period. Validations can be submitted no sooner than 30 days before the 6, 12, 18, or 24 month mark, but no later than 20 days after.
    2. Evaluation on Student Progress (I-983) – You must submit “Evaluation on Student Progress” after you have completed 12 months of STEM employment. NOTE: Even if you have not completed 12 months with one employer you must still submit the 12-month evaluation at the 12-month mark
    3. Final Evaluation on Student Progress (I-983) – You must complete “Final Evaluation on Student Progress” for the following:
      • At the end of the 24-month STEM period
      • If you leave an employer at any time during the 24-month STEM period

NOTE: If you have more than one employer while on STEM, you will need to report for each employer.

Failure to Report

Potential Consequences for Missed Reporting Periods: 

There will be no immediate consequences for failing to submit the 6-month, 12-month, 18-month, or 24-month validation report. However, there are two potential consequences for missing these reporting requirements:

  1. There is a possibility that this may result in an automatic system termination of your SEVIS record for “Failure to Report While on OPT.” This decision is at the discretion of USCIS/SEVP officials.*Please note that OGS will NOT terminate your record due to missing a month validation window.
  2. There is also a possibility that USCIS/SEVP brings this up when you apply for future benefits (i.e. H-1B). If this were to happen, it would be up to you and your attorney who assisted in your H-1B application on how to respond to these inquiries

Changing employers during STEM OPT

Students on STEM OPT are allowed to change employers but every employer they work for while on STEM OPT must be enrolled in E-Verify and the position must meet all STEM requirements..

When a student leaves their STEM OPT employer, the student is required to provide their Final Evaluation on Student Progress, found on the last page of the Form I-983. When a student starts working with a new employer, they must submit a new Form I-983 for the new employer.

Pending application with USCIS

A student who has a pending STEM OPT application can change employers, but the new employer must also be an E-Verify Employer and the position must meet all STEM requirements. The student must report the change of employer to the USCIS by doing the following:

  1. Submit the STEM Extension I-20 Request to OGS and select the option ‘my STEM is pending and my employer has changed’.
  2. Send the following documents to the USCIS (to the address on the STEM OPT application receipt notice, NOT to the lock-box address where the original application was mailed):
    • New Form I-765 (with new employer information)
    • Cover letter explaining why you are submitting new I-765 (change of employer) and referencing your pending case #
    • Copy of USCIS receipt notice
    • Copy of new STEM OPT I-20 (with updated employer information)

When your STEM application is already approved

If a student changes their employer after the STEM OPT extension is approved, there is no need to notify the USCIS about the change. The student needs to submit the update via the Employer Update Form. You and your previous employer will need to complete the “Final Evaluation on Student Progress” on Form I-983. You and your current employer will need to complete a new Form I-983.

Unemployment during STEM OPT

Students are permitted an additional 60 days of unemployment under the STEM OPT period, in addition to the current 90 days of unemployment allowed during the 12-month Post-OPT period; up to 150 days of total unemployment. Students on STEM OPT are able to use unused unemployment days from their standard post OPT period during STEM.

Additional information that must be reported to OGS

Student and Exchange Visitor Program Portal

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) Portal is a tool for F-1 students on Post-Completion and STEM OPT to report their contact information as well as their employer information directly to SEVIS. Students can see their information in the portal as it is reported in the SEVIS and can update it as needed.

While on OPT, you can make changes to your address, telephone number, and employer information.

If you are on STEM, you can update your address and general Employer information, including:

  • Employer name and address
  • Supervisor name and contact information
  • Job title
  • Description of how job is related to major
  • Full-time/part-time employment

You can not update the following STEM information in the SEVP Portal:

  • Add a new employer or remove an existing employer
  • Edit EIN (Employment Idenification Number)
  • Edit employer start date (end date can be edited)

Please complete the STEM OPT Issue Reporting E-form for the following Portal issues:

  • SEVP portal shows inactive, even though your STEM is approved and received your EAD
  • You are locked out of SEVP Portal
  • You are unable to log into SEVP Portal

To learn more, visit the Student and Exchange Visitor Program Portal website.