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Northeastern University is committed to sharing with our students the most up-to-date information possible regarding study permits and ongoing travel restrictions. Please know that we will work diligently to provide comprehensive advice, process all requests, and advocate for the needs of our students. 

Late Arrival and Deferral Policy for Students Waiting for a Study Permit Approval

If you have been approved a study permit and a TRV/eTA, you are expected to arrive by the first day of class. 

We understand that some students may experience delays in their study permit processing. Each college has its own policies regarding late arrivals and deferrals, so please make sure you are aware of the correct information below for your program. 

If you do not have a study permit approved by the relevant deferral deadline, or if you are not confident that you will be able to arrive on campus for classes by the Late Arrival Date, you are advised to defer before the deferral deadlines. 


Program Start Date                                                                             

Late Arrival Date                                                                               

Deferral Deadline                                               

Deferral Contact  
College of Science  September 4, 2024  NO LATE ARRIVALS September 4, 2024 Deferrals should be requested through your Slate Application Status Page, and students can contact [email protected] with any questions.
Khoury  September 4, 2024 September 17, 2024 September 24, 2024 [email protected] 
College of Professional Studies  September 16, 2024 September 22nd, 2024 September 29th, 2024 You can submit a deferral through your Applicant’s Portal by Submitting a Request.
College of Engineering  September 4, 2024 [email protected] 
College of Arts and Media and Design  September 4, 2024 September 17, 2024 September 24, 2024 [email protected] 



Program Start Date: The date that your program begins, you should already be in Canada by this day.

Late Arrival Date: Some colleges may allow late arrivals. The Late Arrival Date is the latest day that you are allowed to arrive in Canada. If you cannot arrive by this date, then you need to defer your studies to the next available intake. 

Deferral Deadline: If you are not able to arrive in Canada by the Program Start Date or the Late Arrival Date, then you can defer your studies to the next available intake for your program. You must request a deferral before the Deferral Deadline date.

Deferral Contact: If you decide to defer your studies, this is who you will need to contact to request it.

No Late Arrivals: You must arrive in Canada to start your program by the Program Start Date, there are no exceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I submitted my study permit application and I am still waiting for my study permit approval.  When can I expect that approval? 

Please see here for the processing time posted by IRCC. 


Q: Do I need to do a Covid test prior to traveling?   

All travellers, regardless of citizenship, are no longer required to: 

  • submit public health information through the ArriveCAN app or website; 
  • provide proof of vaccination; 
  • undergo pre- or on-arrival testing; 
  • carry out COVID-19-related quarantine or isolation; 
  • monitor and report if they develop signs or symptoms of COVID-19 upon arriving to Canada. 

For detailed information, please see 


Q: I am a returning student. When shall I travel back to Canada after spending my scheduled break overseas? 

You may enter any time before your next term starts if you meet the travel requirements. If you cannot arrive back for the start of classes, please contact your Academic Advisor. If you are going to miss more than one or two classes, you may need to take a leave from your program as these are graduate programs and require attendance in all classes. 


Q: Can I start my program online while I’m waiting for the study permit to be approved? 

No, you cannot start your program online while you await your study permit. Students are expected to be physically on campus by the Late Arrival Date, if late arrival is allowed by their college. If a Late Arrival Date is not specified by your college, you should be on campus by the Program Start Date.  



Q: Do I have the option to prepay the first-year tuition fees to support my Study Permit/Visa application if I am NOT from an SDS country? 

Only SDS eligible students can be issued a first year tuition fee invoice. If you are not SDS eligible and you receive a specific request from IRCC asking for proof of payment of tuition after submitting your application, please submit an inquiry to OGS for further instructions. 


Contact Information

If your questions on traveling, study permit/TRV/e-TA applications, are not answered in the above, or online with our FAQ, you may submit an inquiry to OGS. Please note that this email is experiencing an high volume of emails, so please be patient. Make sure you include your full name and student ID in the message, and please do not send it to multiple recipients, as this will slow down our ability to respond to your request.

For questions related to your course registration, or to communicate your study plans, please contact your Academic Advisors as follows:

College of Computer Science Khoury: [email protected]

College of Engineering (COE): [email protected]

College of Professional Studies (CPS): [email protected]

College of Science (COS): [email protected]

College of Arts, Media, and Design (CAMD) [email protected]