Electronic arrival record/I-94

U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspects all foreign national students, scholars, dependents, and visitors to the U.S. arriving at an air, land, or sea border and grants admission to the U.S. in an appropriate immigration classification status (including F-1, J-1, etc). Admission to the U.S. in a specific immigration status is documented via an entry stamp in the passport as well as an electronic or paper I-94 arrival record. Electronic I-94 records can be downloaded and printed here.

Occasionally when entering the U.S., errors may occur on the passport stamp notation, electronic I-94 record, or paper I-94 card. These errors must be corrected to ensure that the status of the student, scholar, dependent, or visitor is documented properly and that immigration benefits (such as permission to study or work) are correctly applied.

What should the I-94 say?

How can I correct my I-94 record?

There are two ways to correct an I-94 card/record or a passport stamp notation. If you need immediate assistance or if the error was made on your paper I-94 card or passport stamp, then you must go in person to the Deferred Inspection Office. However, if your passport notation is correct and the error was made to your electronic I-94 record, then you may be able to resolve this matter by e-mail.

Customs and Border Protection

“Deferred Inspection” is part of Customs and Border Protection. “Deferred Inspection sites provide assistance to individuals at the time of entry or after their entry if an immediate decision was not determined. Typically, this is where F-1 or J-1 students and scholars go when they need to get an I-94 correction or a passport entry stamp.

Deferred Inspection Office

To correct an I-94 card/record or passport stamp in person, go to Logan International Airport – Terminal E and look for the Customs and Border Protection Office.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection hours:
Monday – Thursday
Terminal E, Room 500 (Lower level) 8:00 am to 4:00 pm*
Logan International Airport 617-568-1810
Boston, MA 02128

*Make sure to check the Customs and Border Protection website for any changes in business hours.

Take all of your original immigration documentation with you to this office and explain why you believe there is an error on your I-94 card, I-94 electronic record, or passport admission stamp, and ask for their assistance in having the error corrected.

If you are seeking correction to the I-94 card/record, or passport stamp of your dependent spouse or child, then your dependent must accompany you to the Deferred Inspection Office. Your dependent must take all of their original immigration documents with them.

Requesting an I-94 correction by e-mail

NOTE: Corrections to a paper I-94 card or passport stamp can only be done in person. Going to the Customs and Border Protection Deferred Inspection Office is also advisable for time-sensitive situations, as e-mail requests are handled only after all in-person cases are resolved.

However, if your passport admission stamp is correct, and there is an error on your I-94 electronic record, you may be eligible to request a correction of your electronic I-94. Email: [email protected]

To request a correction to your I-94 electronic record, send a clear e-mail request to Boston Customs and Border Protection explaining the situation and the correction that is being requested. You will receive a notification telling you that your correction has been made.

See sample letter below.

Key Resources

Sample Deferred Inspection Email »

This is a sample email for requesting a correction to I-94 arrival records for F-1 and J-1 students, and their dependents.