Leaving Northeastern

Whether you have finished a program of study, completed a period of Post-OPT/STEM OPT Extension, need to take time away from Northeastern, or are transferring to another institution to begin a new program of study, it is important to understand the next steps you must take as an F-1/J-1 student.

I am finishing my program of study and graduating

Congratulations on graduating! 

Students who have completed a program of study at Northeastern University (or who are concluding a period of approved Post-OPT/STEM Extension) are granted a grace period during which they may prepare for departure from the U.S.

F-1 Students are granted a 60-day grace period during which they may:

J-1 Students are granted a 30-day grace period during which they may:

  • Remain in the U.S. and prepare to depart
  • All other requests and changes (CDL, SEVIS transfers, Academic Training) must be completed prior to the program end date.

Please note that if you have withdrawn prior to completion, been academically dismissed, or have been found in violation of your F/J student status you are not eligible for a grace period. Please consult directly with OGS if you have any questions. 

I am withdrawing or taking a leave of absence

If you are withdrawing from Northeastern or taking a Leave of Absence (medical or non-medical), you must communicate with OGS before you drop or withdraw from your classes. Failure to notify OGS prior to withdrawal or leave of absence may cause you to fall out of status.

To notify OGS that you plan to Withdraw from Northeastern please complete the following e-form:

To notify OGS of your intent to take a Leave of Absence please follow the instructions on one of the following pages:

I am transferring to another SEVP-Certified school in the U.S.

If you are leaving or completing your current degree program, or ending a period of approved Post-OPT/STEM OPT, you may be eligible to request that your SEVIS record be transferred to another SEVP-certified school in the U.S.

To learn about the SEVIS Transfer process, please review the following pages:


I have been academically dismissed

If you have been academically dismissed from Northeastern, you will no longer be eligible for enrollment. OGS will contact you directly to discuss your next steps.

If you are anticipating that you may be academically dismissed, please schedule an appointment with a Designated School Official/DSO (F-1 Students) or Alternate Responsible Officer/ARO (J-1 Students) to proactively discuss your options by calling +1-617-373-2310 or visiting the front desk at 354 Richards Hall in Boston. 

Appealing an Academic Dismissal

If you are eligible to appeal your academic dismissal and have initiated the process, please inform OGS of the pending appeal. You will receive outreach directly from OGS during which you may discuss the pending appeal.

Returning to Northeastern after an Academic Dismissal

If you have been approved to return to Northeastern after an academic dismissal, please complete the following e-form: Re-entry I-20 e-form

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