Living on- and off-campus

Northeastern University Housing and Residential Life provides in-depth information for on-campus and off-campus housing.

Upperclass students, graduate students, and scholars interested in off-campus housing will find that rent will be your greatest expense when living in Boston (apart from tuition). Many students live with roommates and choose to use the T (subway) to get to/from Northeastern. Off Campus Housing and Support Services is here to help guide you through the process of finding housing. Review the ‘International Student’ page, ‘Get Started’ page, watch their off-campus video series, and download their International Student Apartment Guide. Wait until you arrive in Boston to secure an apartment and make payments. Read more about avoiding scams here. Arrive early to give yourself time to find an apartment. Secure temporary housing from your home country so you have a place to stay when you arrive and while you look for housing.

The College of Engineering Graduate Admissions Support Center provides a guide of rental costs in the Boston area.

Please see here for housing in Seattle.

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Summer storage

You may want to store your belongings over the summer. There are various options in Boston with different price levels based on convenience, storage type, and amount of storage you need including:

  • Lazy Bones: The company has a laundry service as well as storage. The storage service includes pick up, storage, and delivery. (The price is based on the number of boxes and the size of each box)
  • Storage Squad: You receive the boxes and packaging tape for free! The service includes pick up, storage, and delivery. However, you will need to carry the boxes to the truck yourself. (The price is based on the number of boxes and the size of each box)