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Both campuses in Canada are located in bustling cities with a lot to offer its residents.  Both cities offer diverse neighborhoods and large populations of students from all over the world. Finding your place in this city, within close enough proximity to the campus, is an important task.

Housing will be your biggest budget item to plan for in your month to month expenses. We have prepared some suggestions and resources for you as you navigate this process.

As you prepare your budget, here are some estimates.

Toronto Housing

We have a list of sites and links on our Toronto Campus Student Life website to help you find housing and learn about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant in Ontario. Please also read the resources on housing scams so you can be aware and protect yourself against these.


Vancouver Housing

Renting it Right is a free online course created by Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre and Justice Education Society that can help guide you throughout the process of finding suitable accommodation.

We also recommend checking out the recommendations that are made by the Off Campus Housing and Support Services, please view their website here.

Avoid Housing Scams!

Internet web sites and other third party rental resources are great for searching for roommates, apartments, and subletting. However, this is no guarantee they are free from scams.

Be cautious when completing transactions with prospective roommates, tenants, landlords, etc. Learn about common scam techniques and avoid becoming a victim.

Here are some guidelines to help keep you scam free:

  • Never make payments in the form of cash.
  • Never give out financial or personal information.
  • Never wire funds via Western Union or MoneyGram.
  • Never rent a place you can’t view in advance.
  • Keep in mind, if it feels wrong – it probably is!
  • Only work with people and realtors you can meet in person and talk to on the phone.
  • If it feels wrong – it probably is!

If you are in doubt please contact Off Campus Housing and Support Services if you have questions, please see their contact information here.

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