Important Disclaimer:

The information on the Office of Global Services tax webpage is provided as guidance and is not intended to be legal nor tax advice. The Office of Global Services staff are not tax specialists and are NOT qualified to answer international students’ questions regarding taxes. If you have any tax questions, please consult the Canadian Revenue Service and a personal tax advisor for advice and guidance regarding your individual tax situations.

Taxes for International Students Studying in Canada

If you are an international student studying in Canada, you may have to file a Canadian income tax return.  The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) provides a list of reasons students may want to file. This webpage is meant to give a general overview and is not the only source you should use for information about taxes.

For more information about Canadian taxes, please see on the Government of Canada’s website or contact the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The CRA also has helpful about the Canadian tax system and filing taxes that are included at the end of this page.


Information and Documents you may need to file a tax return:

  1. A tax filing account
  2. A Social Insurance Number (SIN) or an Individual Tax Number (ITN)
    • If you do not have a SIN, contact Service Canada to see if you are eligible for one or if you should apply for an ITN.
    • Northeastern University will still provide you with a T2202 without an SIN or ITN. However, once you arrive in Canada and have received your SIN or ITN, you will be required to update your SIN/ITN with Northeastern.
  3. T2202- A report of the eligible tuition fees that you paid during the calendar year, which is provided to you annually by Student Financial Services if applicable
  4. T4- A report of your employment income and deductions (only received if you worked for an employer in Canada)
  5. T4A- a report of University scholarships that is provided annually by Student Financial Services
  6. Additional tax forms as may be required by the CRA


Support Resources

1) Tax Software:

The CRA website has a list of available tax preparation software that you can use to complete and submit your income tax return online.

2) Free Tax Clinics:

You may find a free tax clinic in your community by searching on the government of Canada website here.

3) Professional Tax Preparers:

If you would like to have a professional tax preparer file your income tax return, you can search online for a reputable firm in your city. You can also utilize online tax preparation services to print and send your returns.  Make sure to verify that the service you’ve chosen has experience with tax reporting for international students.

As an additional resource, please note the below instructional videos provided by the CRA:

Introduction to Video Series for International Students: 

Part 1.

The Canadian Tax System:

Part 2.

Residency and Why It’s Important:

Part 3.

Do I Have to File?

Part 4.

How to File a Canadian Tax Return:

Part 5.

Identification for Employment, Tax and Benefits:

Part 6.

Working in Canada:

Part 7.

Sources of Income:

Part 8.

Scholarships, Fellowships and Bursaries:

Part 9.

The GST/HST Credit:

Part 10.

Deductions from Your Income:

Part 11.

Non-Refundable Tax Credits:

Part 12.

Provincial and Territorial Tax and Credits:

Part 13.

Childcare Credits and Expenses:

Part 14.

 After Filing Your Return:

Part 15.


Part 16.