Required documents

  • Valid passport
  • Electronic copy of your Visa Stamp (PDF recommended)
  • Electronic copy of your I-94 (PDF recommended)
  • Valid address in the USA

Check-in process

1 Arrive in the USA.

  • You must have physically arrived in the USA on an F-1 visa before you can complete the Office of Global Services check-in process

2 Receive the Office of Global Services check-in email.

  • The Office of Global Services will email your Northeastern student email account ( with a link to the e-form at the beginning of the academic term

3 Follow the link to the e-form and complete all of the information requested of you.

  • The e-form can be completed on a desktop, laptop, or other mobile device

4 If you are having complications with your e-form, please contact the Office of Global Services.

NOTE: J-1 scholars do not need to complete the Office of Global Services check-in process and must only attend their mandatory clearance session.

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