I-20 form

An I-20 form is a visa eligibility document issued by Northeastern University to certify that an F-1 international student has met admission requirements for a full-time program of study and has demonstrated sufficient financial support for his/her studies in the USA. This visa eligibility document is needed to apply for an international student visa at a USA Embassy or USA Consulate abroad to obtain F-1 status for entry into the USA.

Who is an initial student?

New international students coming from outside the USA that are seeking F-1 visa status.

Applying for the initial Form I-20

You can submit an I-20 request only after you have been admitted to a program at Northeastern University. You will also need to be sure to confirm other requirements needed by the admissions office before your I-20 request submission. At that time, you will then be able to submit an electronic I-20 request through myOGS. The Office of Global Services encourages you to submit your initial I-20 request as soon as possible to provide ample time for the issuance of the I-20 and for your F-1 visa application process prior to your enrollment.

1 Required documents (must be in digital format of PDF or JPEG):

  • Color copy of the identity page of your passport
  • Financial documents meeting your program’s expenses:
    • To access the estimated expenses for the Northeastern college of your program, please see “New Student I-20 Request Forms” under the Forms and Guides page
  • Currency conversion:
    • If you are submitting financial documents that are not in USA Dollars, please provide a currency conversion from a currency conversion calculator and upload it to the e-form.
  • Sponsor letter or affidavit of support
    • Only required if your sponsor is a non-blood relative
    • If your spouse has a different last name

2 Accessing the I-20 request e-form.

  • Please see “New Student I-20 Request Forms” under the Forms & Guides page for the e-form to select your Northeastern college
  • You will be prompted to enter your myNortheastern username and password login. The myOGS I-20 request e-form will cater to your individual situation and guide you through the process. (Contact the Office of Global Services with any questions)

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