CPT explained

CPT is a form of authorization available for eligible F-1 students before their program end date for experiential learning opportunities that are an integral part of an academic program at Northeastern University.

  • CPT authorization must be obtained for each and every co-op, internship, practicum, clinical and corporate residency, experiential PhD, or any other experiential curricular practical training, whether the activity takes place on-campus or off-campus, before any activity is permitted to start.
  • CPT can be either full-time (more than 20 hours per week) or part-time (20 hours or less per week).
  • CPT can be either paid or unpaid. All experiential activities require OGS authorization in advance. Retroactive authorization is not permitted by U.S. federal government regulations.
  • CPT is employer, location, full-time/part-time, and date specific. The employer’s name, address and the precise start and end dates must be authorized by OGS in advance.
  • Routine work from home or another remote location is not allowed under CPT authorization which requires hands-on experiential training at the reported address location. Occasional work from home or another remote location when sick, on vacation, or during trips outside of the office is permissible.

Please note once authorized for CPT, F-1 students must comply with the authorization granted. Any extensions, cancellations, or changes to authorized CPT must be first approved by the academic advisor/co-op coordinator and OGS prior to commencing any unauthorized activities.

Please note that non-curricular based on-campus activities (commonly referred to as “on-campus employment”) do not require CPT authorization.

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Eligibility requirements

In order to be eligible for CPT, students must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Must comply with all college academic and enrollment eligibility requirements and policies for any experiential activities, including every co-op, internship, practicum, clinical and corporate residency, experiential PhD, or any other experiential curricular practical training, whether the activity takes place on-campus or off-campus.
  • Must always be making satisfactory academic progress towards degree completion. CPT must not cause a delay in the completion of a student’s academic program.
  • Be in valid F-1 status.
  • Must have completed at least one academic year of full-time enrollment, which is defined as two full-time semesters or three full-time quarters (Change of Status and Transfer Students please read one academic year requirement section).
    • Undergraduate: minimum of 12 credit hours per term.
    • Graduate: minimum of 8 credit hours per term (9 credit hours per term in a 3-credit enrollment system).
    • Graduate students who hold an assistantship: 6 credit hours per term.
    • Enrollment in both Summer 1 and Summer 2 terms combined OR full Summer.
    • Please note: Time spent in the N.U.in program or English language programs such as NU Immerse/American Classroom/Global Pathways does not count towards CPT eligibility.
  • CPT request must be within current I-20 program dates (which can be found on the first page of the I-20).
  • Be enrolled in a co-op course or program required course that specifies requiring an outside of class experiential component in the syllabus. The student must be enrolled in this course for the entire period of authorized CPT.

Please note: It is an F-1 student’s responsibility to maintain their F-1 status. In order to apply for CPT at Northeastern they must be both academically eligible as well as compliant with U.S. federal government regulations as outlined above.

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Change of Status and Transfer Students

Change of status

Full-time students who are applying to change their immigration status to F-1 within the U.S. (application through USICS) or by traveling (via consular processing) may be eligible to use time from a previous immigration status towards accruing benefits, such as Curricular Practical Training (CPT), as long as the student has maintained full-time F-1 enrollment requirements.

Please contact OGS to make an appointment with an advisor to discuss CPT eligibility and bring all applicable documentation with you (for example a copy of your I-797 approval notice if you changed status within the U.S.).

Transfer students

Students transferring to Northeastern may be able to use accrued time towards the one academic year requirement from a previous institution.

Please contact OGS to make an appointment with an advisor to discuss CPT eligibility and bring all applicable documentation with you (for example a copy of your official transcript and previous I-20).

Please note if you transfer to Northeastern on an initial I-20, your one academic year accrual resets as an initial student.

When and how to apply

To participate in an off-campus experiential training in the U.S, F-1 students must obtain CPT authorization from OGS. OGS will deny any requests for CPT that have not already been reviewed and approved academically by the appropriate advisor, co-op coordinator, or SEVIS contact.

1 Complete the e-form.

The student fills out the e-form with all requested information and documents. The documents the student will need are the following:

  • I-94 that indicates “Class of Admission” as “F-1” and “Admit Until Date” as “Duration of Status”.
  • Passport that is valid for at least the start date of CPT being requested.

When the student has submitted the e-from it will be routed to the secondary approved as indicated in the e-from.

2 Secondary approver reviews student information.

The Secondary Approver (academic advisor, co-op coordinator, or SEVIS contact) who receives the application will review the information the student has  entered and determine if they approve it academically. If approved, the Secondary Approver will submit the request to OGS.  If the Secondary Approver does not approve of the request, they will email the student directly regarding their decision.

3 OGS reviews application.

Upon receipt of the application from the Secondary Approver, OGS will process the application in up to 10 business days. OGS will examine the student’s documents to determine if a student is eligible under F-1 federal regulations to participate in CPT. If the student’s CPT request is approved, the student will receive an email from OGS with further instructions. If the CPT  request is denied, the student will receive an email from OGS with instructions on how to proceed.

4 Document pick-up.

Once notified by OGS, the student must pick up the I-20 or arrange for shipping if needed. The student must have CPT authorization and have collected the updated I-20 prior to commencing in experiential training. Please check OGS website for current office hours.

Video: How to apply for CPT

How CPT affects Optional Practical Training (OPT) eligibility

If an F-1 student exceeds 364 days of full-time CPT (more than 20 hours per week at a degree level—bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate), they will lose their eligibility to apply for OPT at that degree level.

  • When counting CPT days, every day between the start and end date of CPT counts (including the start and end dates). The days that are counted are the days that the student had authorization, not the days the student actually worked. This means even if it was a weekend, holiday, vacation etc. it still counts if the student had CPT authorization.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to track of how much CPT time has been used per degree level. Students can use previously issued I-20s to document this. Students may also request a summary of their CPT authorization history at Northeastern from OGS via this e-form.
  • Part-time CPT (20 hours per week or less) does not accrue time towards the 364-day limit.
  • Students who require more than 364 days of full-time CPT at a degree level to complete their degree program are not in violation of their F-1 status, however they will lose OPT eligibility for same degree level.

Please note: OGS does not keep track and communicate if students will be exceeding the 364-day mark when students are requesting CPT authorization.  Students must keep this in mind when requesting CPT authorization.

Video: How CPT affects OPT Eligibility

Unauthorized experiential activity

Students cannot start experiential activities outside the classroom without first obtaining CPT authorization from OGS. Unauthorized experiential activity where CPT is required and not obtained, will place the student in serious violation of their F-1 status and may result in their SEVIS record termination. Students must contact OGS for an appointment if they have questions or believe they have engaged in unauthorized experiential activities where CPT is required.

Please note according to U.S. federal government regulations, students who have their SEVIS record terminated for engaging in unauthorized employment (activity that would not otherwise be authorized for CPT) are not eligible to apply for reinstatement within the U.S. In order to regain F-1 status, student must depart the U.S. and re-enter on an initial I-20. Each situation is unique and requires evaluation to determine the best course of action therefore we highly recommend that students discuss this matter with an expert immigration attorney. Please find a list of attorneys here.

NOTE: If a student chooses to re-establish F-1 status by travel and the readmission to the U.S. is successful, the eligibility clock for benefits such as CPT or OPT will start


Updating your CPT authorization

While on CPT it is important that you update OGS when there are changes in your authorization. These changes include:

  • Employer
  • Location
  • Date
  • Number of hours worked per week (full-time/part-time)
  • Cancellations
  • Other corrections

Once authorized for CPT, F-1 students must comply with the authorization granted. Any extensions, cancellations, or changes to your authorized CPT must be first approved by the academic advisors/co-op coordinators and OGS prior to commencing any unauthorized any activities.

Video: Staying in Status on CPT

Co-op Cordinators

CPT Authorizations Request must be approved by designated Coop Coordinators. These coop coordinators are approved by OGS to process CPT Requests submitted by F-1 international students. Please see list below of approved coop coordinators listed by college.

College of Arts, Media and Design

  • Craig Bettinson – cr.bettinson@northeastern.edu
  • Lynn Burke – l.burke@northeastern.edu
  • Pamela Goodale – p.goodale@northeastern.edu
  • Michelle Hagopian – m.hagopian@northeastern.edu
  • William Jackson – w.jackson@northeastern.edu
  • Dori Peleg Mazor – d.mazor@northeastern.edu
  • Kellianne Murphy – k.murphy@northeastern.edu
  • Jacqueline Sweeney – j.sweeney@northeastern.edu
  • Megan Strosniderm.strosnider@northeastern.edu

Bouvé College of Health Sciences

  • Robert Blaser – r.blaser@northeastern.edu
  • Mary Carney – m.carney@northeastern.edu
  • Jacqueline Diani – j.diani@northeastern.edu
  • Lisa Foster – l.foster@northeastern.edu
  • Maureen Jenkins – m.jenkins@northeastern.edu
  • Deirdre Jordan – d.jordan@northeastern.edu
  • Moira Mannix-Votel – m.mannix@northeastern.edu
  • Kristen Morse – k.morse@northeastern.edu
  • Nancy Waggner – n.waggner@northeastern.edu
  • Mark Yorra – m.yorra@northeastern.edu

D’Amore-McKim School of Business

  • Anis Abdulle – a.abdulle@northeastern.edu
  • Maureen Basmajian – m.basmajian@northeastern.edu
  • Kayla Bassett – k.bassett@northeastern.edu
  • Charlie Bognanni – c.bognanni@northeastern.edu
  • Danielle Bouwman – d.bouwman@northeastern.edu
  • Emily Casey – e.casey@northeastern.edu
  • Esther Chewning – e.chewning@northeastern.edu
  • Elizabeth Chilvers – e.chilvers@northeastern.edu
  • Elisha Clark – el.clark@northeastern.edu
  • Judith Downey – j.downey@northeastern.edu
  • Andrea Dropkin-Mackey – a.dropkin@northeastern.edu
  • Frank Gonzalez – f.gonzalez@northeastern.edu
  • Kelly Harrington – k.harrington@northeastern.edu
  • Cathy Hayes – c.hayes@northeastern.edu
  • Heather Hauck – h.hauck@northeastern.edu
  • Kelsey Hersh – k.hersh@northeastern.edu
  • Brooke Johnson – bro.johnson@northeastern.edu
  • Lizbeth Jones – l.jones@northeastern.edu
  • Sallyann Kakas – s.kakas@northeastern.edu
  • Mary Kane – m.kane@northeastern.edu
  • Ryann Kelley – r.kelley@northeastern.edu
  • Elizabeth Larson – el.larson@northeastern.edu
  • Elinor Levine – el.levine@northeastern.edu
  • Ernest Mauristhene – e.mauristhene@northeastern.edu
  • Samantha Mele – s.mele@northeastern.edu
  • Maura Miller – mau.miller@northeastern.edu
  • Megan Richmond – m.richmond@northeastern.edu
  • Eric Riese – e.riese@northeastern.edu
  • Christina Roberts – c.roberts@northeastern.edu
  • Erica Sands – e.sands@northeastern.edu
  • Linda Sarkisian – l.sarkisian@northeastern.edu
  • Maggie Shea – m.shea@northeastern.edu
  • Aryn Tomlinson – a.tomlinson@northeastern.edu
  • Natalie Wadia – n.wadia@northeastern.edu
  • Kayla McEwenk – a.mcewen@northeastern.edu

Khoury College of Computer Sciences

  • Priyanka Bishnoi – p.bishnoi@neu.edu
  • Smajl Cengic – s.cengic@northeastern.edu
  • Aileen Kent Yates – a.kentyates@northeastern.edu
  • Nathanael Lash – n.lash@northeastern.edu
  • Paco Mesch – f.mesch@northeastern.edu
  • Yasmil Montes – y.montes@northeastern.edu
  • Melissa Peikin – m.peikin@northeastern.edu
  • Karyn Rosen – k.rosen@northeastern.edu
  • Ethan Selinger – e.selinger@northeastern.edu
  • Jennifer Shire – j.shire@northeastern.edu
  • Kathi Vander Laan – k.vanderlaan@northeastern.edu
  • Brianne McDonough – b.mcdonough@northeastern.edu
  • Anis Abdulle – a.abdulle@northeastern.edu
  • Brian Sweeney – b.sweeney@northeastern.edu

College of Engineering

  • Brian Albrecht – b.albrecht@northeastern.edu
  • Cheryl Arruda – c.arruda@northeastern.edu
  • John Bleakney – j.bleakney@northeastern.edu
  • Peter Cardillo – p.cardillo@northeastern.edu
  • Heather Carpenter-Oliveira – he.carpenter@northeastern.edu
  • Sally Conant – s.conant@northeastern.edu
  • Josie Flanaganj.flanagan@northeastern.edu
  • Steve Johnson – st.johnson@northeastern.edu
  • Ali Joyce – a.joyce@northeastern.edu
  • Karen Kelley – k.kelley@northeastern.edu
  • Jackie Josselyn – j.josselyn@northeastern.edu
  • Laura Meyer – l.meyer@northeastern.edu
  • Sarah Mockler – s.mockler@northeastern.edu
  • Julie Nguyen – ju.nguyen@northeastern.edu
  • Alison Nogueira – a.nogueira@northeastern.edu
  • Jessica Ormsby – j.ormsby@northeastern.edu
  • Jessica Fisher – j.fisher@northeastern.edu
  • Maricla Pirozzi – m.pirozzi@northeastern.edu
  • Michael Schwartz – m.schwartz@northeastern.edu
  • Iraz Medhi – i.medhi@northeastern.edu
  • Jacob Walker – jw.walker@northeastern.edu
  • Rachel Walsh – ra.walsh@northeastern.edu
  • Rebecca Webb – r.webb@northeastern.edu
  • Nathaniel Ziegler – n.ziegler@northeastern.edu
  • Max Sederer – m.sederer@northeastern.edu
  • Robin MacIlroy – r.macilroy@northeastern.edu
  • Lucy Lu – si.lu@northeastern.edu
  • Carrie Klaphake – c.klaphake@northeastern.edu
  • Melissa Degrandis –  m.degrandis@northeastern.edu
  • Mofei Xu – m.xu@northeastern.edu
  • Georgia Looney – g.looney@northeastern.edu
  • Kelsey Kaul – k.kaul@northeastern.edu
  • Laura Adrien – l.adrien@northeastern.edu
  • Kristina Hals – k.hals@northeastern.edu
  • Stephanie Kirby – s.kirby@northeastern.edu
  • Michael Ahern – m.ahern@northeastern.edu

College of Science

  • Kathleen Cameron Dioli – k.dioli@northeastern.edu
  • Lisa Campagnoni – l.campagnoni@northeastern.edu
  • Patricia Corrigan – p.corrigan@northeastern.edu
  • Chris Egan – c.egan@northeastern.edu
  • Michelle Israel – m.israel@northeastern.edu
  • Jordan Keefe – j.keefe@northeastern.edu
  • Sarah Klionsky – s.klionsky@northeastern.edu
  • Charlotte Lam – c.lam@northeastern.edu
  • Tina Mello – t.mello@northeastern.edu
  • Kate Porter – k.porter@northeastern.edu
  • Veronica Porter – v.porter@northeastern.edu
  • Lisa Tison-Thomas – l.tisonthomas@northeastern.edu
  • Vanecia Harrison-Sanders v.harrison@northeastern.edu
  • Steve Savitsky – s.savitsky@northeastern.edu

College of Social Sciences & Humanities

  • Jonathan Andrew – j.andrew@northeastern.edu
  • Linnea Basu – l.basu@northeastern.edu
  • Andy Casasanto-Ferro – a.casasantoferro@northeastern.edu
  • Richard Conley – r.conley@northeastern.edu
  • Lisa C. Doherty – l.doherty@northeastern.edu
  • Joani LaMachia – j.lamachia@northeastern.edu
  • Mary Mello – m.mello@northeastern.edu
  • Rebecca Westerling – r.westerling@northeastern.edu
  • Stephen Williams – s.williams@northeastern.edu
  • Lisa Worsh – l.worsh@northeastern.edu
  • Michelle Zaff – m.zaff@northeastern.edu
  • Eric Winter – e.winter@northeastern.edu

College of Professional Studies

  • Laura Evangelista – l.evangelista@northeastern.edu
  • Lucy Fitzpatrick – l.fitzpatrick@northeastern.edu
  • Morgan Hughes – mo.hughes@northeastern.edu
  • Chuck Kilfoye – c.kilfoye@northeastern.edu

School of Law

  • Naomi Bass – n.bass@northeastern.edu
  • Destini Aguero – d.aguero@northeastern.edu
  • Lisa Brathwaite – l.brathwaite@northeastern.edu
  • Patrick Cassidy – p.cassidy@northeastern.edu
  • Patricia Gould – p.gould@northeastern.edu
  • Meredith Joseph – m.joseph@northeastern.edu
  • Cynthia Tow McPherson – c.mcpherson@northeastern.edu
  • Dorothy Morgan – d.page@northeastern.edu
  • Gil Sayfan – g.sayfan@northeastern.edu
  • Claire Lee – cl.lee@northeastern.edu

SEVIS Contacts

This list is intended for SEVIS Contacts who are approved by OGS to sign off on GRADUATE non-co-op CPT requests. If you would like to be added to this list please read the Approval Process tab under Information for Advisors and Co-op Coordinators

College of Arts, Media and Design

Graduate Student Contact:

  • Moki Smith – mk.smith@northeastern.edu

Undergraduate Student Contact:

  • Kriste O’Brien – kr.obrien@northeastern.edu

D’Amore McKim School of Business

  • Lauren DeSantis – l.desantis@northeastern.edu
  • Lauren Fallon – l.fallon@northeastern.edu
  • Lizbeth Jones – l.jones@northeastern.edu
  • Sandra Leyne – s.leyne@northeastern.edu
  • Melissa Taggart – m.taggart@northeastern.edu

Khoury  College of Computer Sciences

  • Meg Barry – m.barry@northeastern.edu
  • Bryan Lackaye – b.lackaye@northeastern.edu
  • Sarah Gale –  s.gale@northeastern.edu

College of Engineering

  • Stephanie Duhem – s.duhem@northeastern.edu
  • Allison Jacobs – al.jacobs@northeastern.edu
  • Matthew Podgurski – m.podgurski@northeastern.edu
  • Natalie Russo – n.russo@northeastern.edu
  • Abigail Ochengco – a.ochengco@northeastern.edu (SFBA region)

Bouve College of Health Sciences

  • Mariana DePaula – m.depaula@northeastern.edu
  • Patrick Fama – p.fama@northeastern.edu

School of Law

  • Patrick Cassidy – p.cassidy@northeastern.edu
  • Meredith Joseph – m.joseph@northeastern.edu
  • Kendra Millay – k.millay@northeastern.edu

College of Science

  • Tricia DeYoung – t.deyoung@northeastern.edu

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Undergraduate Contact:

  • Mary Mello – m.mello@northeastern.edu

Graduate Contacts:

  • Amy Killeen – a.killeen@northeastern.edu