Final term enrollment

Some students do not have a full course load left to take in their final academic term because they have already taken most requirements.   Students in this situation are allowed to enroll in less than a full course-load during their final term, but the following criteria must be met:

  • F-1 students may not be registered for only online courses during their final term, unless they are finishing their program overseas. If you intend to do so, please click here.
  • Enroll in the remaining courses needed to complete the academic program
  • Students must ensure that they are enrolled in on-ground courses throughout the entire term. For instance, F-1 students cannot enroll in courses that only occur in the first session of the term and have no course enrollment in second session of the term.

Please note that all students in their final term must notify OGS by submitting the Intent to Complete Program form within 30 days after the start of their final term!

Key Resources

Finish Degree Online from Overseas »

This form is for students who wish to leave the U.S. and complete their program abroad.

Intent to Complete Program »

Students that are in their final academic term must submit this form to notify OGS.

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