Since 1898, Northeastern has strived to build a diverse and inclusive community. And with programs and events that continue to bring us together—those traditions will continue for many years to come.

Going to a university outside of your home country can feel overwhelming at times. But with 13,000 international students at Northeastern engaging with the world and creating lasting friendships—you will fit right in here.

Academic integrity. Active classroom participation. Independent thinking. These are just some of the high expectations Northeastern University has for its students.

The Office of Global Services is a great resource for international students, their families, and scholars. If you have specific questions that require further assistance, please reach out to the appropriate person listed below.

As a global university, our community is comprised of motivated learners with different backgrounds, beliefs, and religions from around the world—making our diversity a strength. So rest assured, in light of the executive order from the President of the United States—we will continue to stand with you.

Your family’s well-being is important to us. That is why we have put together a comprehensive list of resources you may find helpful that range from education to health and counseling options.

As an international student studying in the USA, having a bank account in the USA may make managing your finances significantly easier. Below you will find helpful tips to consider when opening a bank account or credit card.

The mission of the Office of Global Services’ Global Student Mentor Program is to support incoming international students as they transition to college life at Northeastern and to the culture of the United States, to foster engagement with the Northeastern community, and to improve resource utilization.

Global Student Success provides high-quality English language, academic, and cultural support to international and non-native English speaking students, faculty, and staff. With a strong commitment to advance cultural understanding, GSS continues to enrich the lives of the Northeastern community.

Below are helpful links to websites from state and federal agencies that range from helping international students maintain their status to explaining what they should do if they have been the victim of a scam.

Health insurance is mandatory for all college students in Massachusetts. Discover the minimum health insurance coverage students are required to have in Massachusetts—no exceptions.

Boston is a city that is rich in culture, diversity, and recreational activities. And no matter where you live within the city—you can stay connected to the entire Northeastern community.

With Boston’s world-class cuisine and distinct weather seasons, you can eat authentic enchiladas, butter-basted lobster tails, or dim sum—under the sun or curled up by a wood stove.

Massachusetts offers three different types of State Issued ID cards: Driver’s License, Massachusetts ID Card and Liquor ID. For further information on how to obtain a State Issued ID and the eligibility requirements, please view the information below on the type of ID you wish to obtain.

OGS Ambassadors help international students like you integrate and adjust to your new life at Northeastern. Whether it is through a social activity, academic support, or showing you around Boston.

Each of our regional campuses are strategically located in the middle of a global city—helping thousands of international students learn and grow professionally as they pursue their academic and career goals.

In addition to the Office of Global Services, Northeastern has a wealth of resources that help international students achieve their career and personal goals.

Your nine-digit Social Security Number is your first and continuous link with the Social Security Administration. If you are working in the USA, you will need to apply for a Social Security Number. Learn how.

Learn why all international students and scholars are required to file a U.S. federal tax return even if you do not have a source income from the U.S.

International students will quickly discover that Northeastern is conveniently located in Boston—making it a safe place to walk around or take public transportation to explore the city.

myOGS is a simple, secure portal that helps international students submit important documents to the Office of Global Services for visa applications, initial I-20 requests, and more. Students can also access relevant resources and communicate more effectively with the entire staff at the Office of Global Services.