What are workshops?

Workshops meet throughout the semester and cover a variety of subjects, going in-depth to help students understand and adapt to their new surroundings. Register here for all GSS Workshops.

Workshop offerings

Reading Workshops
Practice your reading skills and receive instruction to improve your critical reading skills.

Writing Workshops 
Become a better writer by learning the art of writing. These workshops cover the different aspects of writing.

Language and Culture Workshops
These workshops cover English language skills, American culture, and general tips for academic success.

Coffee and Conversations

These casual conversations cover a wide variety of topics such as North American culture and general tips for academic, workplace, and social success.

Recorded Workshops (video tutorials)
On-demand tutorials covering some of our most requested topics.

How to sign up / create an account

Register for an account by clicking here and following these steps.

1. Click on “First visit? Click here to register.”

2. Follow the instructions to create an account username and password using your Northeastern email address.

3. Check your Northeastern email to validate the link and confirm your account.

4. Log in with your username and password.

5. Select the focus from the drop-down menu.

5. Click on a time that works for you.

6. Complete the registration form and click on “save appointment.”

Once you click on “save appointment,” an email notification will be sent to you. You’ll also receive a reminder 24 hours before your appointment and you can sign up for text message alerts.


No-Show Policy

1. The account will be locked once three no-shows have been accumulated. Students will need to email GSS to reopen the account.

2. The account will be locked again when a fourth no-show has been accumulated. The student will need to meet with GSS staff to review GSS no-show policies and discuss the further usage of GSS services. After the meeting, the account will be opened.

3. The account will be locked again when the fifth no-show has been accumulated. The student will need to meet with GSS staff again. After the meeting, the account will remain locked for three months and then will be opened again.

Questions? Email Global Student Success at [email protected]. (Office hours: Monday-Saturday, 9am – 5pm EST)