How It Works

Connect with a friend from your home country who may be interested in studying at NU. Tell them about your life here, your experiences, and the possibilities that are in store for you. If they decide to apply to NU, they can enter your NU id into their application: if accepted, you will be paired as a Global Reach Mentorship pair! When your mentorship program is complete, you will both receive a one-time grant for $1,000!

What students have to say about the Mentorship Program

Grant Guidelines

  • Limited to 1-1 mentorship
  • First match of any NU ID will be honored
  • If an ID is already used or a match can’t be completed, student will be referred to an alternate mentorship program
  • Mentor must be a current student when mentee arrives on campus
  • Scope of the program can be subject to change at any time
  • If you are working with any of the channel partners or agencies you not be able to use advising source.
  • Boston only

Mentorship Program Components

The mentorship program is designed to ensure that incoming international students connect immediately to a student community that is welcoming and informative. Toward this end, all mentorship pairs will follow a plan that includes a number of activities that 1) connect to campus resources, 2) introduce to student groups, and 3) build relationships. Here are some examples of what mentors and mentees can expect to do together.

  • Survey about interests and goals
  • Initial meeting
  • Campus tour or resource connection
  • Student group event
  • Meal out together
  • Meetings bi weekly
  • Travel signature
  • Reflection
  • Photo context or video contest

What are the steps?

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