The following information applies to you if you are an international student intending to transfer between the two Northeastern University Canadian campuses.

Requesting a Transfer

To request a campus transfer please see more information here.

Notify IRCC of the DLI change

Both Northeastern University Toronto and Vancouver Campuses are Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) recognized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC). 

Northeastern University Toronto Campus’ DLI number is O141550844262 (begins with the letter “O”). 

Northeastern University Vancouver Campus’ DLI number is O142031583162 (begins with the letter “O”). 


If you hold a valid study permit that has been issued to you based on your acceptance to a DLI but you will be transferring to another DLI, including transferring between the two NU Canadian campuses, you need to follow the instructions on the IRCC website and change the DLI number associated with your study permit. 

Apply For a New Co-Op Work Permit

Since Co-op is an integral part of the education program, the co-op work permit is typically issued to allow students to participate in co-op program at a specific institution. Therefore, if you are transferring from another institution to a NU Canadian campus, you need to apply for a new co-op work permit to be able to do co-op at NU. This includes transferring between the two NU Canadian campuses. Your co-op work permit is not valid if it was issued for a different institution or different NU campus.

Incoming Students

For students who have a pending initial study permit application based on the acceptance to another institution but have decided to study at one of the NU Canadian campuses before arriving in Canada, according to IRCC’s requirement, you will need to submit a new study permit application using the documentations issued by NU. For more information, please visit the IRCC website information on this topic.