Traveling and travel signatures

J-1 scholars and their dependents must have a valid travel signature on the Form DS-2019 prior to traveling outside the USA as a requirement of re-entry to the USA. Initial travel signatures will be provided at the Office of Global Services J-1 Scholar Clearance Session when the scholar first arrives at Northeastern. This signature is valid for one year or until the expiration date of the Form DS-2019, whichever is earlier.

If you travel outside the USA, you will need:

  1. Your DS-2019 form signed by the Office of Global Services less than one year prior to your date of entry. You can submit the Office of Global Services Scholar Travel Signature Request Form – along with your DS-2019 to the Office of Global Services. Allow five business days for travel signature processing. NOTE: A new travel signature must be obtained on the most recent form DS-2019, if the DS-2019 has been extended or amended after the travel signature was provided.
  2. Valid passport. Valid for at least six months from the date you return to the USA.
  3. Valid J-1 visa.

If family members with J-2 visas travel with you, they will need the same documents.

Automatic revalidation

When traveling to bordering countries, such as Canada, Mexico, or adjacent islands (Caribbean island), you may be eligible to re-enter the USA with an expired J-1 visa. Please refer to the Customs and Border Protection website for details.

If you travel within the USA, you should carry a valid passport, Form DS-2019, and I-94 print out.

While traveling, J-1 scholars and dependents must carry all immigration documents, including appointment letters. If the scholar and dependents have received extended or amended DS-2019s, they are still required to carry previously issued DS-2019s. Immigration documents should never be discarded.

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