When a reduced course load is permitted

  • Students who are experiencing certain types of academic difficulties, as allowed by USA federal government regulations, may apply for a reduced course load
  • The reasons allowed appear on the Office of Global Services Form Recommendation for Reduced Course Load
  • Students must apply to the Office of Global Services for a reduced course load before dropping below full-time status or at the beginning of the academic term to register for a reduced number of courses
  • Students must still be enrolled in at least 50% of a full-time course load even with a reduced course load authorization
  • A reduced course load for academic difficulties may be taken only once per academic degree level

Students who are in their last academic term of their program of study may not need a full-time course load to complete the requirements for their degree. No authorization from the Office of Global Services is needed in this situation. Please see the following section on Final Term for details.


How to request authorization

To request authorization for a reduced course load, please complete the Office of Global Services form recommendation for reduced course load, have your academic advisor (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System contact for graduate school and College of Professional Studies students) complete part two of this form, and submit to the Office of Global Services (OGS) through the OGS online form.