OGS orientation and clearance session

All J-1 student interns must report to the Office of Global Services (OGS) within 30 days of their program start date for a mandatory clearance session and orientation session. Before your orientation you must complete the Social Security Number letter request for J-1 student interns. This can be found on the Forms & Guides section of this page.

Please make sure you bring with you the following documents on the day of orientation:

  • DS-2019
  • DS-7002
  • Passport
  • I-94

Please contact your program coordinator (Rachel Portwood r.portwood@northeastern.edu) for more information about the Office of Global Services orientation date for your cohort.

Health insurance requirements

J-1 student interns and their J-2 dependents must maintain required health insurance throughout their stay in the USA. This health insurance must cover the following benefits to the amount listed next to it:

  • Medical Benefit – $100,000
  • Repatriation of Remains – $25,000
  • Medical Evacuation – $50,000
  • Deductible per accident of illness – $500

Social Security Number

If you are a J-1 student intern at Northeastern, you are eligible for an Social Security Number to engage in employment. You will need to present a letter from the Office of Global Service as evidence of work authorization to an official at the Social Security Administration to apply for an Social Security Number. Once you register with the Office of Global Services, they will provide you with the letter.

Social Security Number Letter Request for J-1 Student Interns

How to apply for a Social Security Number

For a J-1 student intern, take your passport, DS-2019, DS-7002, form I-94, and the Office of Global Service letter authorizing employment to the Social Security Administration.

At the Social Security Administration office, you must complete the Social Security Number application form. You will receive notification of your Social Security Number in the mail. The process usually takes four to eight weeks. If you have not received your Social Security Number within this time period, please contact the Office of Global Services. For more information, check the Social Security website or call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213. Once you have obtained a Social Security Number, it is not necessary to apply for a new one if your employment changes. If you lose your Social Security Number card and need to apply for a replacement card, you must prove once again that you are employed in the USA at the time of your application.

Change of residential address

Immigration regulations require that all non-citizens report their residential addresses within 10 days of entry to the USA and subsequently report any changes of address within 10 days to the immigration authorities. J-1 student interns may report their address changes in myNortheastern.

Required travel documents

For travel outside the USA, the following documents are required for re-entry to the USA:

  • Valid form DS-2019 signed in the “travel validation” section by an Office of Global Services advisor
  • Valid J-1 visa stamp in the passport (except for Canadian citizens)
  • Valid passport

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The Office of Global Services is required to take action once we have been notified of your dismissal by your academic program at Northeastern University.