Graduate Research Abroad Process

In order to be approved by OGS for research abroad, you must maintain your full-time registration status at Northeastern University. Additionally, your overseas research project must be required to complete your degree.

What you will need in order to be authorized by OGS:

  1. Graduate Research Abroad Form, signed by your academic advisor and SEVIS contact.
  2. Passport ID page
  3. Most recent I-94 record
  4. F-1/J-1 visa (if applicable)

Once you have compiled these documents, please complete this e-form.

Please note:

  • A letter from the institution where you are doing your research will not be acceptable
  • You will need a new graduate research abroad I-20 with appropriate remark
  • Full-time registration status must be maintained while abroad (see your academic advisor for registration information)

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Renewing your Visa

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