Termination of SEVIS record

We will need to terminate your Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) record in 10 business days unless you submit a request to transfer to another school within 10 business days.

The Office of Global Services will need to report your dismissal in the SEVIS and terminate your SEVIS record at the end of the 10th business day.

Once your SEVIS record is terminated, there is no grace period associated with this type of termination and you should depart the USA immediately. If you have already departed the USA, you may not use your current I-20 to re-enter the USA.

Transfer to another institution in the USA

If you choose to transfer to another school and if we receive your transfer request within 10 business days, we will transfer your SEVIS record to your new school rather than terminating your SEVIS record. We will determine your eligibility to transfer once you submit the appropriate forms to request a transfer out. These include the Office of Global Services Transfer Out Request Form, the “Transfer In” form from your new school if applicable, and a copy of the acceptance letter from your new school.

Appealing the academic dismissal

You may or may not be eligible to appeal your academic dismissal. If you wish to appeal, you should discuss whether or not you are eligible to do this and the procedures and deadlines with your college/graduate school. Please inform the Office of Global Services if you have an appeal pending. This will be confirmed with your college/graduate school. If there is a chance that your appeal will be approved and if you will be eligible to enroll for the current term as a result of the approval, we will not terminate your SEVIS record while the appeal decision is pending. However, if you will not be able to register and enroll in the current academic term even if the appeal is approved, your choices will be limited to the two options explained above.

Additionally, if you will only be allowed to resume your academic program during a future term (not the current term) following a successful appeal, you will need a new initial I-20 to return to the USA.

If you choose option 1 (termination and departing the USA), you will need a new initial I-20.

If you choose Option 2 (transfer to another USA institution and then transfer back to Northeastern University for the future term), you will need a new “Transfer In” I-20. Please see the Office of Global Services Request for I-20 to Return from Academic Dismissal, which can be found on our forms and guides page under Current Students.