Program completion

J-1 scholars typically complete their academic assignments on the designated date of departure indicated on their Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) Form DS-2019. However, scholars occasionally may leave the university early or unexpectedly due to a variety of reasons. Current federal regulations require J-1 scholars to inform the Office of Global Services if they plan to leave the university 15 days or more before the expiration date of their Form DS-2019, as well as the reason for doing so.

J-1 scholars, the faculty host, and SEVIS contact must complete the End of Program Notification Form and provide it to the Office of Global Services before departure. NOTE: The above form is only required if the scholar is ending his/her program 15 days or more prior to the program end date on the DS-2019; if the program is completed on the date indicated on DS-2019 or within the 15-day window before that date, the form is not required.

Leaving the USA

J-1 scholars must depart the USA by the end of the 30-day grace period—30 days after the expiration date on the Form DS- 2019. If the scholar completes their program early, the Office of Global Services will shorten the current DS-2019 and the grace period will begin the day after the new DS-2019 end date. During the grace period, the scholar may travel within the USA. However, a trip outside the USA during the grace period, including to Canada or Mexico, will end the J-1 status.

Transfer to another institution

If the scholar wishes to continue his/her J-1 program at another institution in the USA, he/she must contact the Office of Global Services at least 10 business days before the scholar’s program end date so that the Office of Global Services can help transfer records between institutions. It is not possible to transfer J-1 SEVIS record during the 30-day grace period because the record is no longer in Active status during that time. The timely reporting of your institutional change will assure that you remain in status.

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