Set up myNortheastern credentials

Please begin by going to and click the link entitled “Need an account? Request Access.”

On the next screen, click the “Activate Account” link found next to the word “Students.”

After reading the text on the next screen, click the “Accept” button.

On the next screen, named “Account Activation,” you will need to fill in some information to activate your myNortheastern account. When you are asked to enter your 5 digit zip code, please enter 02115. You will also be prompted to enter the last four digits of your international identification. You will have received this information from your Northeastern University department. If you have lost this information, please contact your department to retrieve this information.

After completing all the information on the “Account Activation” page your myNortheastern account will be created. NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours until your myOGS account is then created.

Request DS-2019 from myOGS portal

You will be provided with the e-form application link by your program administrator of your admitted college or office.

You will next be taken to a screen where you will be prompted to enter your myNortheastern credentials. If you happen to have forgotten your myNortheastern password, click the link on this screen to begin re-accessing or resetting that information.

After you log on – you will be taken directly to your DS-2019 request e-form.

In order to complete the e-form, you will need to upload a color JPG or PDF image of the identity page of your passport. This is the page that contains your picture, as well as information such as your name and date of birth.

Required financial documents

You will also need to upload the necessary financial documents to show that you have the funds to meet your expenses while at Northeastern University. This document must be in English. If you are submitting a bank statement, please know that it must be less than 9 months old at the time you will begin your studies at Northeastern.

If you have a sponsor who will support you financially (this can even be a family member), then you must attach a letter of support, in English, from your sponsor. Please view this sample letter.

How to submit your information

When you are done filling out the e-form, make sure to hit the “submit” button at the bottom of the online form. If you are in the middle of filling out the e-form and realize you cannot complete it in one sitting, and need to return, you can save your place by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the “Save Draft” button.

When you have successfully submitted your e-form, you will receive an automated email receipt in your student email account. The email will be sent from

The email will have a subject line of “receipt: DS-2019 Request Received.” At this time, the university will review your request and contact you by email in case there are any questions about your request.

If you realize after submitting your request that you have made a mistake, or if the university contacts you and informs you that your request cannot be approved due to an error, then you can cancel your request and begin again.

To do this, click on the same link to access the e-form, and log in with your myNortheastern username and password. You will now see the e-form you submitted. At this time, scroll to the bottom of the e-form and click the “Cancel” button. This will reset the form to a blank state and you can begin again.