Timely arrival or unexpected arrival delays

Please notify your Northeastern University Student and Exchange Visitor Information System contact and faculty host once you are certain of the date upon which you will arrive at Northeastern.

If you experience delays due to visa issuance, administrative processing (security clearance), or other circumstances, you must notify your Student and Exchange Visitor Information System contact, Northeastern Host, and Office of Global Services – ogs@northeastern.edu – as soon as possible.

Should you encounter a delay, you are permitted to enter the USA after the start date on your DS-2019. However, if you are delayed for more than two weeks after your start date you must notify the Office of Global Services as we are required by government regulation to have time to validate your J-1 record and report your entry in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System government database within 30 days of the DS-2019 start date. Record validation requires your attendance of the Office of Global Services immigration orientation session. If the Office of Global Services is not able to validate your DS-2019, the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System record will be automatically terminated and you will have to leave the USA immediately.

Mandatory orientation session

All J-1 scholars must attend a mandatory J-1 scholar orientation session at the earliest opportunity after entering the U.S. Failure to attend this session will compromise your immigration status.

NOTE: If you have a paid appointment at Northeastern, you will be required to complete Form I-9 within 3 business days after the first day of your appointment start date. You must first attend the J-1 orientation session and then complete the I-9. You can make an appointment to complete your I-9 after the session is over, depending on the start date of your employment.

When you come to a clearance session, you will need to bring the following documents with you:

  • Your DS-2019
  • Printed I-94 (you can retrieve and print your I-94 information online here)
  • Your passport containing your J-1 visa
  • Your dependents’ DS-2019 and their passport(s) containing their J-2 visa(s) (if you have any)

NOTE: All scholars are required to register for the J-1 scholar orientation session before attending. Please find upcoming sessions and mandatory registration here.

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