International Education Week 2019

The week of November 18-22, Northeastern will celebrate International Education Week, a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education, which promotes global education and exchange experiences.

With over 14,000 international students and scholars and hundreds of intercultural opportunities across the globe, NU recognizes the interdependence among nations and values the diversity of our collective experiences, perspectives, and thoughts. This rich institution truly is greater than the sum of its parts.

During International Education Week 2019, we will honor these values with the theme: “Listen. Learn. Advocate”.

Diversity Pledge

In honor of this year’s IEW theme (Listen. Learn. Advocate), we hope that the NU community can pledge to make lasting change. We can only fulfill our mission as the third leading institution for international students if our campus is welcoming to students, faculty, staff, and community, and if we succeed in educating all students for success in a diverse twenty-first century world.

What can you do to contribute to lasting change? We invite you to take the pledge to take action to make lasting change.

By taking this pledge you agree to:

  • Listen first for all information and learn about different views during tough conversations
  • Pledge to be an upstander and say “no” whenever I hear a friend, family, member, or colleague make a racist remark
  • Volunteer to serve as a mentor for international students
  • Attend OGS and cultural center events to learn more about cultures different from your own
  • Share this pledge with five friends or colleagues and encourage them to sign. (If you are in a supervisory or leadership position, considering inviting peers rather than people whom you supervise.)


Diversity Pledge

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