Student Support and Programming

The Student Support and Programming team in the Office of Global Services provides a broad array of cultural and academic services to the international student community and welcomes participation from American students in any and all of our events. Our office members have experience living and working abroad and we are available to meet with students to help them determine their next step: meeting with our team, an introduction to the We Care office, the Global Student Success Center, or a meeting with one of our Global Student Mentors. The Student Support and Programming office organizes events and activities throughout the year to help international students network, make friends, learn more about American culture and visit areas in the Greater Boston area.

Weekend activities

Looking to get away from campus to see another part of the city? How about taking a trip to learn more about American culture and meet new people? The Office of Global Services organizes weekend trips available to all international students. Students are welcome to bring their American friends. We ask if you sign up for an event that you make every effort to attend. If you cannot, please let us know at least three days in advance so we can offer the space to another student.

Do you have an idea for a weekend activity? Come meet with the student support and programming staff to discuss how to organize.

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