This workshop series offers practice and instruction for students to improve their writing skills for university-level success. Students can select one or more of these workshops. The series will be next offered in September 2021. Students wishing to work on writing skills are welcomed to make an ITC tutoring appointment or email [email protected] for additional support.

About the Workshops


How to Pre-Write: A Guide to Outlining Your Paper

Ever receive a writing assignment and you feel confused on where to begin? This workshop will help students understand the goals of a writing assignment in order to earn a high grade. We will focus on understanding the prompt, creating an outline and crafting your thesis, and focusing your energy on relevant source material to include in your paper.

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Crafting an Effective Hook and Thesis

In writing, the introductory paragraph is your chance to grab the reader’s attention, and many professors can quickly tell by reading the introduction if the paper will successfully answer the prompt or not. In this workshop, we will look at how to write an effective hook to draw your reader in, how to shift focus from the hook to the thesis, and how to transition into your first body paragraph.

Say It In Your Own Words: Paraphrasing and Summarizing

When writing a paper, it’s important to use source material, such as scholarly articles and studies, to back up your claims. This workshop will discuss the difference between using direct quotations and paraphrasing, showing skills on how to do both effectively.

Analyze This: Incorporating Source Material into Your Paper

You’ve added source material to your paper, using a mix of direct quotations and paraphrasing. Now what? In this workshop we’ll focus on how to seamlessly add source material to your writing, ensuring that your paper flows smoothly and that all source material used is backed up by strong analysis.

Make It All Flow: Working on Transitions and Conclusion

Making sure your paper flows smoothly from one paragraph to the next is not as easy as it sounds! This workshop will review crafting topic sentences that help transition from one paragraph to the next, while ensuring that you use varied vocabulary to avoid lackluster transitions. We will also focus on how to write an effective closing paragraph to summarize your paper.

Did I Write That?: Self- and Peer- Editing Strategies

All the best writers save time after they finish writing to re-read their own papers. Even better writers will bother some of their close friends or roommates to read over their papers as well! This workshop will review what to look for when self- and peer-editing a paper, making sure what you submit to your professor earns the grade you deserve!