Email Etiquette for International Students

PRESENTER: Crissy McMartin-Miller, NU Global Faculty

DESCRIPTION: Can your emails make you seem professional or unprofessional? How should you address a professor or another student? Does email etiquette matter? Join us as we discuss ways to communicate your messages with the meaning you intended.


Writing Timed Essays

PRESENTER: Karl Reynolds, NU Global Faculty

DESCRIPTION: This workshop will walk through the key steps and help students develop a strategy for writing timed essays. These skills can be used for academic test taking, as well as for standardized tests.


Giving a Presentation in Your Non-Native Language

PRESENTER: Vincent Capone, NU Immerse Advisor

DESCRIPTION: Giving an engaging and informative presentation can be difficult. In this workshop, we will look at how to give a strong presentation using English, focusing on how to engage the audience, and improve your voice, pronunciation, and intonation while presenting.


Faculty and staff

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