These workshops offer practice and instruction for students to improve their critical reading skills for university-level, personal, and professional success. Students can select one or more of these workshops. The series will be next offered in September 2021. Students wishing to work on reading skills are welcomed to make an ITC tutoring appointment or email [email protected] for additional support.

About the Workshops


Reading Fiction: Finding Your Next Favorite Book

Nonfiction supposedly tells the truth, but how do writers find creativity within this construction of the truth? Join us as we discuss influential and cutting-edge nonfiction texts.

Reading Non-Fiction: More Than Just Facts

Fiction offers escape, excitement, and window into a world of possibilities whose limits we don’t yet know. Learn about the various genres of fiction, the formulas that they follow, and the rules that they break.

Reading Film Reviews: Is the Movie Good, Bad, or Ugly?

Read any good books lately? Seen any good movies? Reading criticism can give you the language to describe your judgments of art. Sometimes, the criticism is just as exciting as the work it describes. Join us as we examine texts by several insightful and incisive critics.