These workshops are open to the whole Northeastern community and are hosted by students, faculty, and staff. Topics very each term and include English language skills, U.S. American culture, and general tips for academic and social success. A selection of our recorded workshops can also be found here.

Language and Culture Workshops


About the Workshops


Library Resources: How to Find What You Need

This workshop will help you make the most of the vast resources at Snell Library, both in the building and online. Expert librarians will show you how to find the information you’ll need in order to thrive in your classes.

Big Talk on Small Talk: Having Fun and Being Professional

Small conversations among co-workers can strengthen social ties and make the workplace fun. Join us as we discuss how to make engaging and appropriate small talk. Co-sponsored by Global Student Success and Career Design.

Using Dynamic Presentations to Boost Your Public Speaking Confidence

Did you know that public speaking is many people’s number one fear? Global Student Success is here to help! This workshop will help you to develop and deliver effective, confident presentations to wow your classmates and professors!

Why Time Management Won’t Stop Your Procrastination

Time management and procrastination can affect your productivity and quality of life. This workshop will review strategies for improving time management and avoiding procrastination: two distinct aspects of professional performance. Co-sponsored by Global Student Success and Career Design.

Time to Bite the Bullet: Idioms in the Workplace

“That’s a home run,” “In a nutshell,” and “Take it off the table” are all idioms, but what do they actually mean? Join us to learn some of the top workplace expressions and phrases that you might hear at interviews, while on co-op, or on OPT. Take this opportunity to learn about and practice using these phrases through breakout rooms in small groups. Co-sponsored by Global Student Success and Career Design.

Teaching an International Student Population

This workshop provides training for PhDs who are working with and teaching an international student population. The workshop will discuss language expectations, classroom etiquette, and cultural issues, among other topics. Co-sponsored by Global Student Success and the PhD Network.